RCM is official partner of Yamaha Motor Racing for 2022 Yamaha Motor Racing

RCM is official partner of Yamaha Motor Racing for 2022 Yamaha Motor Racing

29/05/2022 Corporate

RCM is official partner of Yamaha Motor Racing for 2022 Yamaha Motor Racing, the Italian factory that manages Yamaha’s competitive activity in MotoGP, has found in RCM a valid technical partner for cleaning, not only for attention to the environment, but also for efficiency and speed of intervention of RCM machines. It all started in 2008, when Yamaha set itself the goal of recovering the carpet in the hospitality area, thus drastically reducing the environmental impact. Today, every day, since 2008, RCM machines are used for the daily cleaning of the Yamaha Motor Racing headquarters in Gerno di Lesmo.

RCM scrubbers are designed to perform sustainable cleaning, consume little water and save detergents, with lower expenditure for the user together with greater respect for the environment and safety at work, while maintaining high standards of cleaning. The highest quality components come from Motor Valley, from that Emilia characterized by car manufacturers and industries that make high-quality mechanics their job every day. Among these companies there is also RCM, born and raised in the center of this area, in close contact with similar realities for tradition and innovation.

Yamaha Motor Racing has chosen Elan (now GIGA), agile and compact. Elan goes everywhere, even in very narrow spaces, and dries the floor perfectly, making it always safe and perfectly clean with a single pass. RCM has optimized the control panel to make it easy to drive, even by unskilled personnel.
Together with Elan, Yamaha Motor Racing uses Mega I by RCM, the mid-size walk-behind scrubber. In addition to being designed to wash and dry without leaving the floor wet in its passage, Mega I saves money because it is equipped with the technology to reduce the use of water and energy during the cycles of its use. Furthermore, Mega I is immediate to use and its maintenance is facilitated by indications on the components: the yellow color of the parts on which to carry out daily maintenance signals to the operator the components that he cannot forget in the cleaning and maintenance activity. So assistance is not necessary and Mega I is immediately ready to be used, every time.

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