Sanitizing scrubbers

SANITIZING scrubbers grant daily a fast, economical and easy cleaning and disinfection operation keeping every working environment safe.

A separated tank for the sanitizing chemical allows both the ideal floor cleaning and at the same time, to spray the sanitizing solution, letting it be active for the due time to reduce the bacterial load.


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KILO 612 SanitizingScrubbers

Type of job: Washing and drying functions
Area to be cleaned: 2000-5000 m²
Type of cleaning operation: Maintenance
Width of the surface to be cleaned: 61 cm
Number/type of brushes: 2 discs
Width of the surface to be dried: 770 mm
Solution tank: 65 l
Traction: electronic
Supply: battery 24 V
Dimensions: 1340x600x1130 mm

The retrofit kit has a sprying width of 800 mm to sanitize floors.

A user-friendly wand allows to sanitize vertical and any contact surface.

With 10 liter chemical tank, over 30 minutes sanitizing working time is possible.