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Types of dirt

Professional floor cleaning: Machines for cleaning industrial floors, types of dirt, floor cleaning machines.

Scopri come scegliere la macchina giusta per la pulizia dei pavimenti e risparmiare tempo e denaro nella tua attività. Leggi l'articolo e scopri tutto sulle lavapavimenti, lavapavimenti industriali e spazzatrici professionali per una pulizia pavimenti professionale

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Technologies to know – Trash can

The position of these components, including, of course, the operator’s position, has a decisive influence on the performance of the sweeper.

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Have chosen RCM – Autodrome of Modena

"In quel momento la Direzione decise di acquistare una motoscopa RCM mod. R1250 CITY usata che però, a distanza di 9 anni" - ci confida l'A.D. di Aerautodromo di Modena - "nonostante venga utilizzata tutti i giorni, funziona bene e risolve ottimamente i problemi di pulizia della pista e dei paddock. È stato un buon acquisto e penso che, fino a quando non avremo il nuovo impianto con la pista allungata, possa svolgere la propria funzione".

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A complete range of cleaning machines

A wide selection of models is a great advantage for companies: a single reliable supplier, capable of proposing a complete range of cutting-edge machines and always adapted to the requirements. Without forgetting the solidity and ease of maintenance common to all RCM machines.

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Clean ozone energy: is there “zero impact” cleaning?

Ozone is a natural gas with a very "rebellious" character: it is willing to help man for free but must be treated with respect, but above all it does not want to be locked in a container like all other chemical disinfectants

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Have choosen RCM – Trasporti Gazzotti

Transport and cleaning: 3 essential cleaning instructions for those involved in transport and logistics. RCMs are simple to maintain, and any mechanic, even non-specialist, is able to repair them and spare parts are readily available

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Modern scrubbers must ensure clean floors with sustainable systems

RCM scrubbers can be installed in decarbonisation projects (CO2 reduction), A.M (minimum environmental criteria) on the use of renewable energy and projects to receive aid under 4.0

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Breathe better with a sweeper. Less dust in 4 movements

With sweepers, it is relatively easy to pick up coarse material. But what happens if inadequate sweepers are used? The ambient air that is being cleaned is filled with thick and fine dusts, putting at risk the health of those who work in that space and the operator who takes care of the cleaning.

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How and why to clean a paddle field

How to clean a paddle field. Manually or woth a specific cleaning machine? Discover all information about paddle cleaning

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Have chosen RCM – Collezione Umberto Panini

RCM's partnership with the Maserati Museum "Collezione Umberto Panini" has been going on for years. Clean floors in a museum: easy with some specific cleaning machines!