02/07/2020  |  
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Who has chosen RCM | AVAP: first-aid voluteers

Special cleaning is also required in ambulance compartments and car parks. AVAP from Formigine uses a BIT scrubber combined with detergents for sanitation, for floors always clean and ready to house ambulances.

23/06/2020  |  
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Clean Bars and Restaurants Checklist (special coronavirus)

The safety of staff and customers of bars, restaurants, cottages, pubs and any place where food and drink are administered is very important.

19/05/2020  |  
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Checklist Clean Supermarket (special coronavirus)

Special disinfection in established cases of Covid-19 Due to the possible survival of the virus in the environment for some time, places and areas potentially contaminated with Covid-19 must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, with detergents and disinfectants, before being used again.

07/05/2020  |  
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Sanitise rooms starting with the floor

Sanitization is a serious and complex matter: there are thousands of pathogenic microorganisms constantly changing and therefore it must be done by professionals who know and use the right products and tools

17/04/2020  |  
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Clean offices at the time of the coronavirus

Good practices disseminated by the Afidamp Association for the cleaning of offices, professional craft studios and pest control, on the occasion of the covid-19 epidemic.

09/04/2020  |  
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Floors cleaned and sanitized with ozone

As far as cleaning machines are concerned, RCM has always employed many resources in the search for new technical solutions and has presented machines that are increasingly respectful of the environment and allow cleaning and sanitising in full respect of our planet

27/03/2020  |  
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Who has chosen RCM | Stanguellini Cars and Stanguellini Museum

The cleaning of the Stanguellini dealer's floors has always been entrusted to RCM cleaning machines. And even today, the cleaning of the floors of the various departments of the museum are entrusted to BYTE I, known for its extreme manoeuvrability and effectiveness on all types of flooring.

10/03/2020  |  
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Who has chosen RCM | The Presidential Palace of Jakarta

An RCM sweeper model NOVE has been chosen to clean the areas adjacent to the Indonesian Presidential Palace, underlining the appreciation of Made in Italy in the world.

27/02/2020  |  
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What a Linoleum floor is made of and how to clean it

Linoleum is a mixture of oil, flax, wood and cork sawdust, dyes and resins, which is calendered on a jute backing.

13/02/2020  |  
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Who has chosen RCM | DSV: “Cleanliness and order generate quality”

Because we work with very tight deadlines with Italian companies in the automotive sector that are well known all over the world, we need efficient machines