06/02/2024  |  
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Technologies to Know – Protected suction units in the Scrubber-driers

The vacuuming motor of the scrubber-driers can be damaged by water and by dust, therefore the entire suction unit has to be duly protected. Protected suction motors guarantee safety and low maintenance costs.

11/01/2024  |  
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Have choosen – Village Paddle

“After suggesting some changes to RCM, I bought two machines that we use every 15 days. We have reduced by 50% the time we spend on the maintenance and cleaning of padel courts.

07/12/2023  |  
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Technologies to Know – DETER SAVER

DETER SAVER is the detergent dosing system developed by RCM that allows to set, separately, both the percentage of detergent (DETERGENT PROGRAM) and the water flow (WATER PROGRAM).

21/11/2023  |  
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Technologies to Know – “From the pile to lithium batteries: an ever-present element in our daily lives”

Have you ever wondered what our world would be like today if there were no batteries? The battery is an increasingly important part of everyday life for every single one of us

09/11/2023  |  
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RCM Story – RCM and the Circolo della Biella

The CIRCOLO DELLA BIELLA was founded in the 30s by a group of friends from Modena who were fond of races and engines and used to meet in a very popular bar at the time.

28/09/2023  |  
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Technologies to know – The Retractable Side Brush for Smart Cleaning

Cleaning even very dusty floors is easier with the Retractable Side Brush, the professional technology for dust.

21/09/2023  |  
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Cleaning hotels, accommodation facilities

Scrubbers can be an extraordinary aid in the cleaning of hotel environments. The lobby, the kitchen, the restaurant, the rooms, the corridors, the wellness centre... everything will always be clean, with just one passage.

14/09/2023  |  
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Technologies to Know – COMBO: The all-in-one RCM combined machine

COMBO washes, sweeps, and dries in a single pass. More than just a scrubber. More than just a sweeper. COMBO is the RCM combination machine

25/07/2023  |  
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Technologies to Know – GO GREEN

Cleaning sessions go smoothly with fewer interruptions. Discover GO GREEN by RCM. It's a green, environmentally friendly, and money-saving technology