27/03/2020  |  
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Who has chosen RCM | Stanguellini Cars and Stanguellini Museum

The cleaning of the Stanguellini dealer's floors has always been entrusted to RCM cleaning machines. And even today, the cleaning of the floors of the various departments of the museum are entrusted to BYTE I, known for its extreme manoeuvrability and effectiveness on all types of flooring.

10/03/2020  |  
Sweepers, Case history

Who has chosen RCM | The Presidential Palace of Jakarta

An RCM sweeper model NOVE has been chosen to clean the areas adjacent to the Indonesian Presidential Palace, underlining the appreciation of Made in Italy in the world.

27/02/2020  |  
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What a Linoleum floor is made of and how to clean it

Linoleum is a mixture of oil, flax, wood and cork sawdust, dyes and resins, which is calendered on a jute backing.

13/02/2020  |  
Scrubbers, Sweepers, Case history

Who has chosen RCM | DSV: “Cleanliness and order generate quality”

Because we work with very tight deadlines with Italian companies in the automotive sector that are well known all over the world, we need efficient machines

28/01/2020  |  
Floor types, Sweepers, Know-how

Cleaning floating floors

Floating floors are used to cover an underlying floor on which a metal frame (hive) is placed to support the chipboard and pressed wood squares, then covered with a coating. How to clean them?

14/01/2020  |  
Sport, Scrubbers, Case history

Who has chosen RCM | Modena Volley: volleyball excellence

RCM is convinced of the social function of sport and has been sponsoring for several years, the Serie A men's volleyball team of Modena always starring in the championship.

19/11/2019  |  
Floor types, Scrubbers, Sweepers, Churches

Cleaning churches: hard floors and scrubbers

The floors of churches are often made of natural hard stone. Frequent and thorough cleaning can really be easier with a cleaning machine. Using a scrubber with the most appropriate detergent simplifies cleaning operations and does not damage the natural stone floors, those of the large church but also those of the small parish.

05/11/2019  |  
Scrubbers, Sweepers, Ho.Re.Ca, Case history

Who has chosen RCM | Ca’ del Rio, not just black cherries

It is not only the geographical proximity (Km 0) but also the cultural proximity (doing good things that last over time) that Ca' del Rio has entrusted to RCM machines the important task of keeping the floors clean at all times.

31/10/2019  |  
Floor types, Floor machine types, Scrubbers, Accessories

Resin floors cleaning

RCM produces and sells different models of scrubbers, for different sizes of resin floors. Choose the one that best suits the surface you need to clean or contact us for advice.

15/10/2019  |  
Floor types, Sweepers

Clean external floors with ATOM, OTTO and NOVE

Industrial squares and warehouses, but also courtyard areas of farms. Keeping courtyards, common areas, parking lots, outdoor areas clean is easy, with a sweeper collecting debris, tractor blocks and dust.