Monza 2020: 40 years of RCM Rapid Cleaning

Monza 2020: 40 years of RCM Rapid Cleaning

06/09/2020 Corporate, Events / Fairs

Rcm – Monza 1983

It all started in 1980 when, for the first time in history, the Italian F1 GP was not played at Monza.

That year they raced in Imola and from 1981 to 2006 the “Italian” GP were 2: the Italian GP in Monza and the San Marino GP in Imola.

In RCM the passion for motor racing had strong roots and in the Raimondi it seemed natural to propose to the racetracks their own sweepers for cleaning in the days of competition and not only that.

Rcm – Imola 1987

It was started by Misano’s Santamonica (now Marco Simoncelli) in 1978 and ’79 with minor competitions and then the big occasion: the Italian GP at Imola in 1980.

Renata Nosetto, “Deus ex machina” of the racetrack management immediately understood the usefulness of the Rapid Cleaning Service that RCM proposed: the 5 machines positioned to reach the area’s most likely to “get dirty” were an important contribution to efficiency and safety.

Rcm – Imola 1987

Rcm – Monza 2008

Rcm – Monza 2008

The RCM Service became a “standard” for F1 GPs and has evolved with the use of new increasingly efficient machines, capable not only of “sweeping” but also of “drying up”, the track.

Rcm – Monza 2020

Rcm – Monza 2020

Rcm – Monza 2020


Raimondo Raimondi President of RCM

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RCM at the Monza Autodrome circuit since 1981 from 2019

Since 1981, RCM machines have been helping keep the Monza...

RCM at the Monza Autodrome circuit since 1981

Since 1981, RCM machines have been helping keep the Monza Autodrome...

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