Raimondo Raimondi President of RCM

Raimondo Raimondi President of RCM

08/10/2020 Corporate
Raimondo Raimondi

Unanimously elected, Raimondo Raimondi is the new President of RCM SpA.
54 years old, he’s the successor of Roberto Raimondi, president since 1983.

In 2008, Raimondo shared with his cousins Raffaella and Raffaele, and his brother Riccardo, the decision to continue the company, founded by his father and uncles in 1967.

Their decision (a courageous decision, because it was taken just after the huge crisis) gave and is still giving positive results, not only for the company, but also to proof that, with common sense and concord, it is possible to face and overcome a risk which could be fatal for family business: the generational change; which is now completed with the nomination of Raffaella, Raffaele and Riccardo as administrators.

After joining the company, he experienced several aspects of the company: accounting, sales, technical and he became Responsible for the Strategic Marketing and President of RCM BARREDORAS INDUSTRIALES, the RCM branch in Spain.

Pragmatic and thoughtful at the same time, self-confident, more disposed to mediation than to conflicts, Raimondo will carry on all values which have been always considered essential and indispensable in RCM: honesty, respect and work, first as an opportunity of human and social growth even before instrument of economical growth.


Best wishes President!


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