RCM at the Monza Autodrome circuit since 1981 from 2019

RCM at the Monza Autodrome circuit since 1981 from 2019

05/09/2019 Corporate

RCM at the Monza circuit, 1983

Since 1981RCM machines have been helping keep the Monza Autodrome circuit clean during the Formula One Grand Prix. From the Friday before the race and throughout the entire weekend, RCM cleaning machines and Macroclean take care of the circuit, and of the areas designated for the public and for the drivers.

Also this year, the eagerly awaited participation in the Formula One Grand Prix has been confirmed, in which the most important automotive brands and the top drivers will compete on the renowned Monza circuit, before moving quickly to Singapore.

Technology, speed, reliability, effectiveness are some of the characteristics required to cars and drivers on the racetrack. A great Formula One fan and cleaning expert, RCM has been working with the Monza Autodrome circuit since 1981, strongly focusing on quality and speed, also in terms of maintenance of the racetrack area during the days of the event.

Tecnologia, velocità, affidabilità, efficacia sono alcune delle caratteristiche richieste sul circuito alle auto e ai piloti. RCM e MACROCLEAN, da grandi appassionate di Formula 1, dal 1981, lavorano a Monza ponendo attenzione alla qualità e alla rapidità della pulizia.

MACROCLEAN: soon at the Monza circuit


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RCM at the Monza Autodrome circuit since 1981

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