Floors cleaned and sanitized with ozone

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Ozone and virus


In the report of Dr. Marco Ferrari at the CAM (Criteri Ambientali Minimi ospedalieri – ASL di Lodi 2017) conference it was stated that the floor, in hospitals (but not only n.d.r.), is an underestimated generator of contamination. In Italy, the infections contracted in hospital affect 400,000/700,000 hospitalized every year.


Ozone inactivates fungi, mold, bacteria and, of course, viruses. Its action is very rapid and does not produce polluting waste because it naturally converts into oxygen. Ozone is not yet scientifically proven that the covid-19 virus is also inactive, but the world’s scientific community has good hopes.

RCM already presented an ozone scrubber on the market in 2012. MEGA Eco sanitizing version self-produces ozonized water and uses it as a powerful natural sanitizer, instead of using expensive and polluting chemical detergents.

Sanitizing a floor
with MEGA Eco sanitizing is:

  • cheaper
  • effective immediately
  • zero environmental impact.


The majority of infections, pathologies, epidemics derive from pathogenic viruses that settle on all external surfaces and internal floors, then viruses spread in the air and contaminate everything around us. Pathogenic viruses multiply and infect people, especially in closed and very crowded environments, such as supermarkets, hospitals, gyms, public and private environments, etc..

The majority of people consider a dirty floor when the dirt is visible to the naked eye (paper, leaves, organic or processing residues, cigarette butts). But in reality the real danger is invisible dirt such as viruses, fungi, spore mold and many other microorganisms harmful to human health, which proliferate on floors, in the streets, causing infections and epidemics, if not properly and systematically eliminated.

MEGA with Eco Sanitizing in a supermarket

Respect the environment

Lavasciuga RCM da oltre 3 anni sanifica
con ozono il bordo vasca della piscina
comunale di Maniago

The State has a duty to safeguard the health of its citizens, including by promoting and spreading the culture of cleanliness more widely in the future at all levels, starting with primary schools.


We hope that all public and private cleaning companies in the future will use increasingly environmentally compatible machines and products.

As far as cleaning machines are concerned, RCM has always employed many resources in the search for new technical solutions and has presented machines that are increasingly respectful of the environment and allow cleaning and sanitising in full respect of our planet.



  • ozone to sanitize at zero impact
  • hydrogen to increase zero impact handling.

Let’s wash our hands without destroying the environment.

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