<span style="color:#ff0000">Who has chosen RCM</span> | Modena Volley: volleyball excellence

Who has chosen RCM | Modena Volley: volleyball excellence

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RCM is convinced of the social function of sport and has been sponsoring for several years, the Serie A men’s volleyball team of Modena  always starring in the championship.


Modena Volley is the Modenese company considered to be the beating heart of volleyball. They won 12 Italian Championships, 12 Italian Cups, 4 Champions Cups and 3 CEV Cups.

He also won the Super Cup last season and this year he is again vying for trophies and big prizes.
The team is composed of international volleyball stars such as Captain Ivan Zaytsev, the three Americans Christenson, Holt and Anderson, the Polish jewel Bednorz. To complete the team two strong players, Mazzone and Rossini.


Also this year, Modena Volley broke the national record for membership, reaching 3670 tiles.

RCM and volleyball


Cleanliness in the sports sector is crucial for the safety and health of the athletes during the game and training, but also for the thousands of fans and spectators who gather indoors to support the team. This makes it possible to reduce the spread of winter epidemics and to play safely at all times.


Especially in gyms and indoor courts, the athlete or sportsman or sportsman may breathe dust. The floors used for training should be cleaned of dust and sweat to prevent them from becoming a vehicle for infections and respiratory diseases.


For many years PALAPANINI of Modena has chosen RCM scrubbers for the cleaning of the playing field, strippers, corridors and entrances.

The passion for sport and cleanliness become the engine for a lasting and quality collaboration between RCM and Modena Volley.

Modena Volley uses those scrubbers

volley scrubber

ECO3 Sanitizing is the RCM system for the professional sanitization of flooring, developed with ozone generating and catalysing technology.

Lavapavimenti palestre

Carpet Cleaning System is the top sweeping (Carpet Sweeping System) or washing (Carper Scrubbing System) system to exploit the potential of a sweeper and scrubber when cleaning wide carpeted floors. MEGA can be quickly transformed into a scrubber-dryer for floor cleaning.



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