Scrubbers for Shopping centers and Department stores

Scrubbers for Shopping centers and Department stores

Scrubbers, Large-scale retail trade

Cleaner and safer floors with just one pass. RCM offers the perfect scrubber.

The constant attention to the floors needed for these large areas requires some very rapid and effective solutions.

If in the case of afterhours cleaning performed during the closing hours the yield and reliability of a machine that washes and dries the floors is essential, in order to contain costs. However, during the day instead, it may be necessary to have a machine which is agile in cleaning and which can dry instantly, for example: in the case of spilling, some extra virgin olive oil from a dropped bottle, which it does, made the floor very dangerous and slippery.


Scrubbers are the most suitable tool for urgent cleaning in a supermarket and for the constant maintenance of the floors.

The scrubber removes the dust and the adhering dirt from any flooring (excluding the carpets): with a solution of water and chemical product, which collects it all in a special container, leaving the floor dry.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between the walk-behind models or the ride-on board ones.

RCM scrubbers perfectly washes and dries the floor in a single pass. The floors will be clean and immediately walkable, with a simple pass. The intuitive control panel of the machine will help the operator (even the less experienced) to carry out without any difficulty all the cleaning operations.

Easy, isn’t it?


  • A scrubbing unit that releases the cleaning solution on the floor and removes dirt with the abrasive action of the brushes
  • A suction unit that sucks the dirty solution from the ground and feeds it into the recovery tank.

The scrubber can also be equipped with a collection of small solid debris system (waste container) to avoid the sweeping of the floor to be washed and to always maintain the optimal subsequent drying.


Discover all the RCM scrubbers for supermarkets and commercial centers: the list of floor washing and drying machines for commercial centers or write to us for assistance and information on your specific case:

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