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Club La Meridiana has been an associative and sporting reference for many Modenese families since 1980. This year it has celebrated 40 years of activity, including sports, events and culture. Today it has around 650 families and around 2300 members.

The services of the Sports Center

The Club is based in a splendid 18th century villa, Villa Giovanardi, and proposes to make available the widest range of services possible to families, for people of all ages: from 0 to 100 years. For children, summer center, mini club and tennis school; for adults, sport and culture; for the overs, specific sports and activities for psychophysical well-being.

Inside the Club it is possible to take advantage of outdoor and indoor tennis courts in different surfaces, gyms (one equipped and one free body), swimming pools (one for adults with hydromassage corner and one for children), football and five-a-side football, beach volleyball court and billiard room. Inside the Club there is also a small lake for sport fishing.

Club La Meridiana and the security

Also in this period, the Club La Meridiana has been frequented regularly by members. Indeed, it is considered a safe place, because it respects all measures to limit covid-19 infections. In addition the Club is surrounded, access is always controlled, employees are subjected to periodic serological checks for their safety and that of all those who frequent La Meridiana.

Sport at the highest level

Among the members of the La Meridiana Club, illustrious sportsmen such as the footballer Luca Toni and the volleyball player Ivan Zaytsev. The Club is frequented by professionals from various sports disciplines and also becomes an opportunity for meeting, from which professional and working collaborations can arise.

Tennis competition: Club La Meridiana is Top School FIT

Competition activity plays an important role in the Club. This year the technical staff has been changed and all efforts are focused on the ambition to move from the C series to the B series, and perhaps even reach the A in the coming seasons. Many promises among the 150 children who attend tennis school and a lot of enthusiasm among players of all ages who frequent the Club.

It is classified by the Italian Tennis Federation (FIT) as one of the 100 Italian Tennis Top Schools (these are schools that are able to offer a complete training. They have obtained a FIT score of 5 stars of 5).

RCM and Club La Meridiana

RCM has been a supplier to Club La Meridiana for more than 30 years. The Club La Meridiana uses an electric sweeper RCM for cleaning indoor tennis courts, with synthetic surface (carpet).

A BRAVA: the RCM sweeper that cleans the indoor tennis court of Club La Meridiana

The use of cleaning machines on indoor tennis courts ensures greater safety for users. Indeed, tennis balls are quickly consumed during the game, so professionals often replace them during tournaments. The nylon filaments that detach from the balls, in a short time, become dangerous dust for the lungs under the effort of professionals and amateurs, but also of referees and public. It is very important to effectively collect dust and filaments to ensure that the field is safe for athletes and fans.

RCM has always been dedicated to the specificities of the world of sport, designing machines designed for the cleaning of playing fields.

  • For indoor fields (carpets)we recommend the ALFA ACE or BRAVA ACE.
  • For cement fieldsand for synthetic soils gummed with ALFA, BRAVA and SLALOM.
  • For synthetic grass fields and paddle fields, with ALFA ACE and BRAVA ACE.

The RCM sweeper model SLALOM cleans the exterior roads of the Sport Club La Meridiana

RCM sweepers can also be used for cleaning outdoor spaces, parking areas, roads. In a single pass, collect small and large debris ensuring a very simple daily cleaning. Allowing to always keep in order sports circles, playgrounds, resorts.

The RCM scrubber the inner corridors of the Club La Meridiana

RCM scrubbers can be used in the indoor areas of sports clubs, such as corridors, synthetic paved tennis courts, common areas, dusty environments.

A picture from the 80s of an electric RCM R500 that cleans the edge of the Club La Meridiana pool

In addition, for all resorts and sports centers equipped with swimming pool, it is recommended to use a cleaning machine that makes effective and safe the cleaning of the edge of the pool, both indoor and outdoor pools.

You can choose to use a RCM scrubber with detergents for effective cleaning, using chemical detergents.

The MEGA RCM Ozone Scrubber, which cleans the Maniago Pool

But you can also decide to clean without chemical detergents, safely and ecologically (eliminating bacteria) by using an ozone RCM scrubber.

Read the case study of the Maniago pool that could significantly knock down viral and bacterial load without odors and saving resources and time.

Here are the RCM solutions for safe and deep cleaning of carpet floors:



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