OTTO Sweepers


OTTO is small and compact for moving with agility also in narrow spaces but is also as strong and reliable as the largest ride-on machines. Try it in the most demanding working conditions and you will discover the great value of this small sweeper. The hydraulic system to lift up and open the hopper allows the operator to dump the waste container without any effort.

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    OTTO D TOPSweepers

    Type of job: Wiping away and filtering the dust
    Area to be cleaned: 5000-10000 m²
    Type of cleaning operation: Maintenance / Heavy duty
    Width of the surface to be cleaned: 130 cm
    Waste container: 130 l
    Container drain: hydraulic at 143 cm
    Filtering surface: cartridge 6 mq
    Traction: hydro-static
    Supply: Diesel
    Dimensions: 1640x1073x1505 mm

High hourly output thanks to the RCM technical choices of the rear load and the large filtering surface. Hydraulic dumping is easy to use and minimises downtime.

Dust will not be released in the environment if the vacuum system is enabled during unloading procedures.

Easy to handle

Featuring a 1300 mm cleaning track and compact dimensions ate the same time, OTTO is extremely easy to handle and perfectly suitable for cleaning both narrow and large areas.

Finishing cleaning

The on-board vacuum cleaner (optional) allows for completing the cleaning procedure in just one run, thus avoiding time consuming operations.

Hydraulic dumping

The hopper is hydraulically controlled up to 1430 mm to quickly unload even the heaviest waste into containers.

It suits your needs

A wide range of brushes and dust filters to ensure the best cleaning results depending on the type of dirt to collect and the different flooring.

It is an RCM machine! We believe in the importance of safety for the people and the equipment in the work environment. Its design ensures the best visibility of the work area to the operator. The dust buster system and rear load allow the machine to use a larger filtering surface and retain the dangerous fine particulate.
High-capacity filter

The rear loading system of the waste hopper allows for a filtering surface larger than the average to retain the dust raised by the brushes. Easy to clean thanks to the electric shaker. It can be disabled when operating on wet surfaces. Different filtering systems are available.

Great safety

Like in all RCM machines, the driver’s seat is in at the front in order to ensure perfect visibility in the operating area. In addition, the driving system similar to that featured in cars makes machine control easier, increasing its safety and operating accuracy such as cleaning along the walls.

It does not raise dust

DUST BUSTER retains the dust collected by the side brush, thus improving the cleaning quality and the operator comfort. DUST BUSTER and the use of the left-hand side brush (optional) ensure a wider cleaning track without dispersing the dust in the environment.

Its high productivity increases the hourly cleaning capacity and reduces downtime, thus minimizing the hourly cleaning rate. Management costs are reduced thanks to an easy and low maintenance.

For a premium, robust and essential mechanics. Its reinforced steel chassis, the retractable side brushes and polyethylene shock-absorber bonnets protect the machine against accidental impacts.

Low maintenance

The constructive rationality facilitates and limits the maintenance interventions thus reducing the hourly labour rates. The intervention of a qualified technician is not needed anymore thanks to a simple brush adjustment system.

Reduced costs

Special care has been taken with regard to the accessibility of mechanical components as to reduce maintenance costs.

Private: DRIVEScrubbers

Area to be cleaned: 3500-10000 m²
Type of cleaning operation: Maintenance / Heavy duty
Solution tank: 116 l
Supply: battery 36 V


Area to be cleaned: 7500-15000 m²
Type of cleaning operation: Maintenance / Heavy duty
Width of the surface to be cleaned: 154 cm
Waste container: 160 l
Supply: battery 36 V, Diesel


Area to be cleaned: 5000-10000 m²
Type of cleaning operation: Maintenance
Width of the surface to be cleaned: 139 cm
Waste container: 120 l
Supply: battery 36 V, Petrol


Brush type: Mischia
Cleaning type: Manutenzione
Dirty type: Sporco leggero
Surfaces: Superfici di sicurezza e in rilievo


Brush type: Ppl
Cleaning type: Manutenzione leggera
Dirty type: Sporco leggero
Surfaces: Per tutte le superfici, Superfici delicate moquette

Spazzole Nylon

Brush type: Nylon
Cleaning type: Manutenzione
Dirty type: Sporco medio
Surfaces: Per tutte le superfici

Carta 20 Micron

Filter type: Carta 20 micron
Optimal use: Per la maggior parte delle polveri,

Poliestere 5 Micron

Filter type: Poliestere 5 micron
Optimal use: Per polveri molto fini, Utilizzo su superfici bagnate,
Washable: Filtro lavabile

Spazzole Doppia sezione

Brush type: Doppia sezione
Cleaning type: Manutenzione
Dirty type: Sporco leggero
Optimal use: Con polveri fini e residui grossolani

Spazzole Misto acciaio

Brush type: Misto acciaio
Cleaning type: Fondo
Dirty type: Sporco pesante

Filtro kerastatic

Braccio spazzola laterale sxSUPRA

Impianto luci NOVE

Convogliatore polvere NOVE

Kit aspirapolvere NOVE



Filter type: Kerastatic
Optimal use: Per polveri elettrostatiche, Utilizzo su superfici bagnate,
Washable: Filtro lavabile