The Red machines RCM of Casinalbo celebrate the anniversary!

The Red machines RCM of Casinalbo celebrate the anniversary!

28/11/2017 Corporate, Events / Fairs

RCM have celebrated their 50th anniversary at the Ferrari Convention Center of Maranello.
The President Mr Roberto Raimondi has opened the works remembering some important moments of the crossed path and tracing the lines of the future development.
More than 200 RCM Dealers coming from all over the world have attended the celebration showing their closeness to the company of Casinalbo.
The President of Confindustria Emilia Area Centro Mr Alberto Vacchi, The President of AFIDAMP Mr Bruno Ferrarese and the AFIDAMP Ambassador Giulio Guizzi, have also partecipated with their speeches.
Two days of celebration as well as of work in which, besides remembering the history, RCM have traced future path.
To the documentary of Andrea Pavone Coppola “Fifty years in an hour” (of which has been projected the trailer) the assignment of telling the history of RCM, while about future have spoken Mr Riccardo Raimondi the RCM General Manager and Mr Raimondo Raimondi the RCM Marketing Manager.
The “succeeded” generational passage in the family management of the company has been analyzed in the collective interview of Anna Spadafora to “old” and “young” Raimondi.
The location of the meeting, the Ferrari Convention Center, has been choosen for its ability of represents at best the entrepreneurial value of the territory in the world, while the dinner under the “shade” of the Ghirlandina has sealed the historical affiliation of the Raimondi company to the city of Modena.


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