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10 July 2017 - Excellence at work ! During 50° Anniversary Celebration, Employees have been awarded

RCM SpA celebrates their first 50 years in business together with employees, suppliers and friends, thanking some of those who supported to achieve this great target.
What's the goal for the next 50 years ? To renew the presence in the market, basing on the peculiarities which made RCM great during these years: reliable, everlasting and user friendly machines.

On June 27th, a great event to celebrate 50 years in the business. RCM was founded in 1967, created by the passion and genius of the Family Raimondi and developped also because of the support given by their employees. Inside the Auditorium Spira Mirabilis in Formigine, the entire staff of RCM, including former employees and also the staff of sister companies, ASSMO and MACROCLEAN, met to celebrate; because in 50 years of dreams, hopes, projects, success and some mistake, hundreads of persons gave their best, for themselves and for the company. 
Roberto and Renzo Raimondi talked about some significant anecdotes of these 50 years and remembered some important collaborator.
"When we started, in 1967, just 20 persons were working in RCM, including my brother Renzo and myself. I am now very proud to say that the total number of employees is now 160" said Roberto Raimondi, not hiding his emotions.
The major of Formigine, Mrs. Maria Costi and assessor to production activities, Mr. Corrado Bizzini, then also spoke about the importance of RCM for the local economy, underlining that the founders can be still considered as an example for the future.
Afterwards, Riccardo Raimondi and Fabio Venturi showed news and future perspectives of RCM and the changing in progress.
RCM will continue the process of renovation of the structure, keeping their peculiar historical roots, looking at the needs of the market, of the sales network and employees.
Then the audience could watch at short part of the movie about RCM, which will be shown officially in October: interviews, faces and words, of the all the people who took part to the history of RCM. Many funny moments, but also emotions and critics
The movie tells the story of the company, the experience as well as the expectations of the "Family RCM". Everybody is a protagonist: irony and harmony of those who work everyday together and for RCM.
During the event, the employees who are working for RCM for more than 30 years have been awarded; a significant recognition of those who put everyday their energies in all the parts of the company: from production to accounting, from spareparts to service, from sales to warehouse, from marketing to after-sale.
Last but not the least, the wishes from Romolo Raimondi "for ours and yours future". And then, to continue the celebration, dinner at Club La Meridiana in Casinalbo and, for everybody, the commemorative plaque to remember this event.

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