RCM greets Albert Aldelkamp - , May, 2017, news professional cleaningsales scrubbers, sweepers, street sweepers trade, vacuum cleaners, Floor Machines, resale, used machines

sales scrubbers, sweepers, street sweepers trade, vacuum cleaners, Floor Machines, resale, used machines

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RCM greets Albert Aldelkamp - , Albert Aldenkamp, since 1990, has been the RCM man in Holland.sales professional machine, production sweepers man land, industrial ride-on sweepers, commercial sweepers plumbing drains, road sweepers, floor machines sales, selling used cleaning machines

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16 May 2017 - RCM greets Albert Aldelkamp

During the long career inside the same company (at first, Multicar, then Atlet and now Unicarriers) has been covering several positions and always been the person in charge to promote the sales of RCM machines in the offer of the company, creating those synergies between hogh quality warehouse trucks and forklifts and high wuality floor cleaning machines.

The cooperation between Albert and RCM brought to excellent results for the dutch company and the name of RCM in Europe; RCM has always appreciated Albert because of his professionality, his style in the human relationships, his passion for his job and for the RCM machines. 

On May 10th 20017, Albert paid his last visit to RCM together with Eddy Temmer, who will be from now on, the new RCM man inside the Unicarriers organization. It was the perfect occasion for Mr. Roberto Raimondi to greets Albert and give him the RCM Golden Pin, a special award to all the RCM FRIENDS.

"We spent a couple of special days together with Albert and Eddy, visiting also one of the sanctuaries of the Modena Motor Valley: the Collection Righini in Panzano (www.righiniauto.it) where it is possible to see outstanding and unique cars, such as Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 (the first car built by Enzo Ferrari) and the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 (tear 1933) owned by Tazio Nuvolari" says Celio Franchi, Export Area Manager.

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